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Hybrid Air Vehicles and Design Q launch the Airlander 10

Hybrid Air Vehicles and Design Q have unveiled the Airlander 10 passenger cabin. Travelers will have luxurious private en-suite bedrooms and will be able to enjoy horizon-to-horizon views in the aircraft’s infinity lounge. The Altitude Bar will offer drinks with a view, while there is space for 18 guests to enjoy fine dining in the sky.

13th August 2018

Forming the future of Wanaka Airport

Residents in Wanaka, New Zealand, were encouraged to join conversations on the future of Wanaka Airport at interactive community and stakeholder engagement sessions. Discussions surrounding what the hub could evolve into by 2045 included the airport’s strengths, thoughts on the return of scheduled services and opportunities for growth.

18th June 2018

What is the most important consideration when bidding on an FBO development project?

Weekly fun

There has been much FBO news in the past fortnight, with Business Aviation Group (BA Group) announcing it is seeking candidates to bid on its proposed FBO development project at Addison Airport in Texas (click here) and Sky Valet being awarded the Ibiza FBO tender (click here).

This week, Business Airport International would like to know:

What is the most important consideration when bidding on an FBO development project?

hangar space
commercial and office space
ramp space
working with a reputable company

Recent Polls

  • Will EASA approval of commercial single-engine aircraft under instrument flight rules (IFR) in Europe increase the short-haul charter market in the region?
  • Will the rise in online charter booking platforms increase the number of people using business aviation?
  • Are you more likely to invest in ADS-B equipment following this incentive?
  • Will biojet become the main fuel source for business aviation operators in the next 10 years?
  • Will you incorporate UAS into your regular business aviation operations?
  • Will you be investing in the Indian business aviation market in the next two years?
  • Do you always employ a fully trained flight attendant when chartering a private jet?
  • Will third-class medical reforms proposed by the FAA, which would see medical exams replaced with pilot self-certification and recurrent online aeromedical training, affect the safety of general aviation?
  • Is the quality of service provided by the scheduling team more important than the facilities on offer when choosing a business aviation airport?
  • As an industry, should we be doing more to inspire future generations for a career in business aviation? 
  • Will you be investing in the Malaysian business aviation market in the near future?
  • Will having IS-BAH certification in these new territories lead to a rise in business?
  • Are niche markets rather than the expansion of flight routes or the lowering of prices the best way to develop business?
  • How important are standards and qualifications when choosing which locations to fly to?
  • Do small unmanned aircraft systems pose a threat to your business aircraft operations?
  • Does Cuba feature in your own business plans in the near future?
  • Will you consider establishing a flight monitoring program for your own operation?
  • Is the co-ownership of jets between operators a huge potential growth area for the industry?
  • Is it better to close an airport on the grounds of pollution and safety rather than investing in improvements?
  • Do you think the FAA's involvement will affect the FBO evictions and proposed closure date?
  • How do you rank reducing carbon emissions as a priority in your own operation?
  • Is the possibility of an aircraft impacting a drone of great concern to your own operation?
  • How often do you use online resources such as blogs and social media to promote your own operation?
  • How are you lowering carbon emissions in your own operation?
  • Could a seven-star rating attract more business to a terminal or FBO?
  • Which of the following topics, covered in the conference, do you see as the most relevant?
  • How do you feel about the business aviation industry with Trump as president?
  • Does Africa represent an attractive business opportunity for your company?
  • Should more business aviation companies partner with local companies to enhance their service offering to clients?
  • Does the Middle East feature in your own business plans?
  • What will be the biggest change to the market as a result of the Part 23 rewrite?
  • How would you rate the performance of your own operation in 2016, compared to the previous year?
  • What is the best way to lower the risk of near-miss collisions between drones and aircraft?
  • Are mobile booking platforms the future of the industry?
  • Do you think such a scheme will prove popular with customers and private aircraft operators?
  • Will you target special events as part of your own business plans in 2017?
  • Could your own operation expand beyond business aircraft?
  • Do you agree with most of the FBOs surveyed that 2017 will bring an increase in fuel sales?
  • What is your own view on air traffic control privitization?
  • Would you consider changing the name of your own business to help it expand?
  • Do you think there will be a major shift towards European operators and customers using the smaller, cheaper aircraft?
  • What is the best outcome for air traffic control systems in USA?
  • Do you think the public would welcome an unmanned aerial taxi service?
  • Which is the most beneficial improvement an airport can make to aid business aviation?
  • Do you agree with the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) that FBOs and airports in the USA need economic regulation?
  • What is the most effective way for an airport to reduce carbon emissions?
  • Do you believe that the risk of runway incursions is generally too high?
  • Do you believe loyalty programs and travel perks affect a customer's decision making process when choosing a business jet operator?
  • Do exclusive terminals such as The Private Suite make busy commercial airports, such as LAX, more competitive with smaller airports dedicated to private and business aviation?
  • Which of the following topics is likely to be discussed most at the show?
  • Should positioning fees be abolished industry-wide?
  • Do you think that regulators, such as the FAA, will delay the introduction of ADS-B for business aviation?

  • Business Airport International would like to know, do you see the value in collaborating with an out-of-industry company?
  • Do you think subscription flight sharing clubs such as Surf Air are now a permanent feature of the business aviation market?
  • Do you expect supersonic business jets to be in regular use by the end of the next decade?
  • Do you think it is right that such restrictions are enforced at business aviation's expense?
  • Is the increased digitization of business aviation processes and deals dehumanizing the industry?
  • As transport gets greener, will electric aircraft be the next big step in business aviation?
  • Do you think FBOs pricing needs regulating?
  • This month (October), Business Airport International would like to know, which of these statements best describe your awareness of GDPR?
  • Does the US government need to intervene in the market to ensure reasonable public access and transparent pricing in FBOs?
  • Do you believe cryptocurrencies are a reliable form of payment?
  • Do you believe mentoring schemes could be the answer to the business aviation industry's skills shortage?
  • Do you think FBOs should be able to charge whatever they want to fund facility developments at the airport?
  • Would you, or have you, altered your customer offering to cater to millennials?
  • Harnessing your knowledge of business aviation and its terminals around the world, can you guess where the terminal in the image below is situated?Weekly Poll Image
  • Just over a decade ago, a state-of-the-art business airport terminal (pictured) opened to the public. Can you guess where it is?Weekly Image Poll
  • Using your knowledge of famous business airports around the globe, can you guess what oceanside hub is featured in the image below? Weekly Image Poll
  • Can you name the waterfront business airport pictured below that is favored by travelers thanks to its proximity to a big US city?Weekly Image Poll
  • Utilising your knowledge of famous business airports and their surroundings in cities around the globe, can you guess which airport the jet below has just taken off from?Weekly Image Poll
  • Can you guess which general aviation airport nestled within Asia is pictured below?

    Weekly Image Poll
  • Using your knowledge of famous airports and runways around the world, can you name the island-based hub pictured below?

    Weekly Image Poll
  • Can you name the US airport in the picture below? The hub is home to fixed-base operations from Jet Aviation and Ideal Aviation.

    Weekly Image Poll
  • Nestled within one of the most picturesque mountain ranges in Europe, can you name the airport pictured below?

    Weekly Image Poll
  • According to the new EBAA report Business Aviation Guide to the Use of Sustainable Alternative Fuel (SAJF), by what percentage does it state a large-cabin modern business jet could drop its carbon emissions by if it adopted SAJF?

    Weekly Image Poll
  • Can you name the airport pictured below? The hub is situated in a European country that is famed for its offering of cold weather activities.

  • Joe Cohen (pictured) was recently named CEO for a private jet charter company based in the UK. Can you name the company he is now at the helm of?

  • Which US airport is the only business aviation hub in the world to offer self-service technology, such as automated passport control?

  • In EBAA's report Expanding Horizons: How Millennials see the Future of Business Aviation, what percentage of millennials surveyed said flexibility was the most important benefit of the industry?

  • Which US business airport has closed for a whole month as part of a US$32m reconstruction and safety improvement project? 

  • How many trade visitors is this week's Farnborough Airshow expected to attract? 

  • Which aviation services company was recently tasked with transporting a lion to its new home on behalf of the Born Free Foundation? The lion was found in an apartment in Paris last year, where it had been illegally kept as an exotic pet. 

  • How many US airports will receive funding as part of the FAA's newest round of investment in airport infrastructure grants?

  • According to Frost & Sullivan's report (read story here), how many business jet movements will there be in Subang, Malaysia by 2030?
  • Which European country experienced the most business jet movement in July?


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